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Passionate Mixed Media Artist, Educator, and Designer


The design studio DISEGNO2LLC was created in San Diego, California by local artist Lisa Schirmer. Lisa is a teacher, painter, designer and public artist. She embraces traditional Renaissance values of art and incorporates them with contemporary digital design engines. Long time Point Loma resident, Lisa is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and
San Diego State University.
DISEGNO2LLC offers creative designs from “A” to “W”.... we’re working on “X”, “Y”and “Z”! Abstractions, acrylics, applique, art, art direction, announcements, awnings, banners, book illustrations, biological art, branding, brochures, business cards, canvas, cell towers, chalk boards, children’s playgrounds, color, color pencil, concrete, creative, design, displays, doors, door screens, drawing, E-blast, education, elevator skins, etching, envelopes, exhibits, fabric design, fences, flags, gates, glass design, gorilla art, graphics, greeting cards, illustration, invitations, iron work, keynote, kiosk, kites, labels, large format printing, letterheads, letterpress, lights, logos, magnets, medical art, metal design, metal etching, mixed media, murals, oil pastels, painting, pastels, paper, pencil, photographic direction, playgrounds, plexiglass, postcards, power point, printing,  public art, presentations, ripstop nylon, screens, signs, sewing, signage, silk screen, stained glass, street banners, surgical illustration, teaching, tile, trompe l’oeil, umbrellas, walls, wallcoverings, watercolors, website design, wedding announcements, WINDGLYPHS, window screens.