Lisa Schirmer draws upon the exacting detail of the Medical Art discipline with stunning designs of color and shape. 

Lisa received her Master’s Degree in Medical and Biological Art from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Diego State University, graduating with honors and distinction in art. 

Her art work is award winning and held in the permanent collection of the Butler Institute of American Art. 

Her WINDGLYPHS have flown for the President of the United States, Governors and Harley Davidson bikers.

Private individuals to international corporations have drawn upon Schirmer’s versatile talents.

Some of her clients include the InterContinental Hotels Group, Hensel Phelps Development, Port of San Diego,                 Safdie Rabines Architects, San Diego Museum of Art,     Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, Verizon,                 and Joseph Wong Design Associates.


From inches to acres, postage stamps to children’s playgrounds, Schirmer loves to design! 

Timeless design work celebrates old and new craft, from 16th century enameled glass to new age computer generated visuals. From the anvil to the keyboard, designs are forged through fire and through digital electronics. 

The client’s design needs are varied and so are the artist’s responses. Each unique job has a unique answer, whether the form is exquisite paper, printed by masterful letterpress, or hand sewn fabric, or a 5,000 pound public art glass sculpture suspended in a downtown skyline. 

Lisa loves to create!  Each site specific design is created through research, investigation and preliminary drawings.

In consultation with the client, working story boards or models are created. Prototypes and working drawings are included in the collaboration with master craftspeople, engineers and architects.
From mind to heart to hand the client’s needs are answered with creative designs that educate, elevate and enrich.
It would be a pleasure to design with you!


Charles Kaufman

Bread & Cie Bakery/Cafe

Lisa has been extraordinarily important to me and Bread & Cie. Bakery/Cafe. From its inception fifteen years ago, displaying the works of San Diego’s most-talented artists in San Diego has been crucial to the fabric and ambiance of our bakery. Lisa was one of the first artists whose work was shown at Bread & Cie. and her show put us on the artistic map. And I doubt we have had a more talented artist show since. That was the beginning of our association and I immediately arranged to work with Lisa on “all things artistic” at our café—from the amazing realistic mural she created for a back wall to the metallic “wall of flavors” and even designing our very unusual “rooster” and magnetic menu boards, Lisa has been the crucial artistic element in creating Bread & Cie.’s visual personality. Simply put, if there is something you see in Bread & Cie. (non-edible) that appeals to you, Lisa had a hand in its creation. Lisa is a joy to work with and goes above and beyond in everything she does. Even to the point of laughing at my lousy jokes.


Suzi Sterner

Director of Alumni Programs

We have used the beautiful and artistic windglyph flags created by Lisa Schirmer at many special events at UC San Diego over the last decade, including groundbreakings, dedications, and awards galas. They are a fantastic addition to all of our events and add a very special touch to momentous occasions.
We always receive wonderful feedback from guests on how much they enhance the ambience of the venue. We are life-long satisfied customers of Lisa's.
UCSD Alumni Affairs
[email protected]

Lawrence F. Andrews, D.D.S.

Book reviewers, without exception, have commented favorably about the quality of the illustrations.
Lisa, you did a wonderful job and for that I am grateful!
Straight Wire The Concept and Appliance

Ian Cummings Photography

As an artist/art director, Lisa Schirmer has a keen eye for design, composition, texture, and color. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed…always striving for the best. Her enthusiasm for the artistic process clearly shows.
Not only that, she’s great fun to work with.
(619) 231-1270
[email protected]

Jan Giacinti


My life's work in the nonprofit sector has intertwined with Lisa's artistic talents for the past 12 years, and I always marvel at the energy and joy that her work evokes in those who get to experience her talent.
Her smile AND her artwork can light up a room!
Kids Included Together
[email protected]

Theresa Pyle

Co-Owner, In to Ink

The attention to detail and her educated eye on all design elements send her projects over the top. A sheer delight to know and work with. We all get excited when we get to work with her again and again.
[email protected]

Jill Hammons

Director of Membership USS Midway Museum

Lisa Schirmer's HANDMADE, ONE-OF-A-KIND windglyphs dance on the breeze, not only adding magnificent bold colors to events but inspiring, eye-catching movement. I have had Lisa install her glorious banner-flags at a multitude of my functions, and each and every time people are stopped in their tracks. They gaze at the tall, billowy pennants in awe.
They are simply gorgeous.
Co-Founder of ARTS, A Reason to Survive
[email protected]

Bert Shear

Senior Associate Principal

Working with Lisa Schirmer on the Hotel Indigo was a wonderful experience. She grasped the theme of the hotel and converted theory into workable design options, not an easy task. A variety of extremely creative options were presented allowing the owner/architect/ user team to choose the direction of the most viable solution. She blended art, math, light, materials, function, proportion, schedule, coordination with craftsmen, and communication with all involved to develop ideas into reality. The curved glass art wall and various gates and enclosures transformed traditionally mundane items into works of timeless beauty, enhancing the overall quality of the Hotel Indigo. I would highly recommend Lisa and look forward to working with her on future projects.
T 619.233.6777
[email protected]


  • American Lung Association

  • Dr. Lawrence F. Andrews

  • ARTS – A Reason to Survive

  • Bread and Cie, Bakery & Cafe

  • Centinela Hospital

  • City of Carlsbad

  • City of Chula Vista

  • City of San Diego

  • City of National City

  • City of Solana Beach

  • Creative Metals

  • Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

  • Hensel Phelps Development

  • Hilton Hotel

  • Hotel Indigo

  • InterContinental Hotels Group

  • KIT – Kids Included Together

  • Our Lady of Peace

  • Port of San Diego

  • Safdie Rabines Architects

  • San Diego River Conservancy

  • San Diego Museum of Art

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • Scripps Hospital – Encinitas

  • Sprint Communications

  • UCSD

  • USS Midway Museum

  • Verizon Wireless

  • Joseph Wong Design Associates

Get In Touch With LISA

From private collectors to international corporations, Schirmer is responsive to the client’s needs.

Through the collaborative process of investigation, research, and dialogue, she creates insightful, inspirational designs that are original and unique to every client.

Lisa Schirmer has been recognized in numerous print and electronic publications as well as in radio and television interviews, bringing added value to the client’s business.